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Covid-19 Helping Hands Community - NW...Mission: 

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, especially for Seniors.  We ask: How do we cope with the Aging Gap, Getting Older, Aging at Home AND deal with COVID-19 all at the same time? 

In normal times, those in the Aging Gap experience a gradual Loss of Independence due for instance to chronic ailments.  As an example Arthritis ....One day you wake up and find you hurt all over and are having a hard time walking.  Over time walking gets harder and you progress from a cane to a walker and then maybe to a wheelchair; Or perhaps you need grab bars to get in or out of a bathtub;  Or maybe a handy man to make minor repairs. 
NOW Covid-19 has come on the scene, to make matters worse.   
  • Our Goal is to LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND in COVID-19 TIMES by Consolidating Covid-19 Works of Mercy groups:
  • Help both themselves and other Seniors cope with non-medical issues such as benefits, housing, transportation, etc. IN COVID-19 TIMES
  • SIAer's help Seniors find support and services to remain Independent and Live at Home for as Long as possible while coping IN COVID-19 TIMES.
Covid-19 Helping Hands Community:  Create a COVID-19 technology and resource community where Seniors and/or Disabled Veterans (or their Caregivers) can find the resources in NW suburbs and to help them cope with daily concerns and issues of getting older in Covid-19 TIMES and BEYOND.
For information email:  Leaving No Senior Behind in Covid-19 Times 


One organization, United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago has created an ONLINE Home Medical Equipment Exchange where those with mobility problems can find donated Wheelchairs, Walkers, Standers, Bathroom Safety Devices, etc.


The Infinite-DME program serves both Metro Chicago and Downstate Illinois.

 Another organizaition, FISH of Park Ridge provides volunteer transportation (free) to medical appointments for residents of Maine Township.  All transportation resticted to boundaries of Maine Township (Park Ridge, Des Plaines, parts of Niles & Morton Grove)  

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