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Helping Caregivers
Find a Local Loan Closet 

As mentioned before, An Older Silvers' Loss of Independence due to infirmities is gradual. Loan or Lending Closets answer the physical needs when coping with the gradual effects of aging.

Various groups serving seniors have set up loan closets by collecting donated items from magnifiers, to wireless headphones for watching TV, to canes, walkers, wheelchairs elevated toilet seats, etc., etc. The groups include: Church Outreach program, Nurses' Clubs, Community Outreach Programs or Senior Centers. In many instances they have limited inventory and might just serve members.

The result is a person has to make many calls to find an item. SiA's goal is to create a NETWORK of local lending closets to reduce the time and effort for a Senior or Caregiver to find the right item.

We have identified over 35-lending closets serving those with disabilities in the North/Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. We are in the process of creating a Loan Closet Alliance to better serve the needs of Seniors in coping with age or mobility issues.

We have compiled a directory the N/NW Suburban Lending
Closets and will be happy to email you a FREE copy

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